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  • Feb.
    On February 29, Press Conference on the Annual Work Plan of Shunde Social Innovation Center held at the innovation park of ShunFeng Mountain Park. Foshan Daily, Guangzhou Daily, Southern Metropolis Daily, Urban Network, The Pearl River Business, Foshan Radio Station Shunde Branch, Foshan TV Shunde Branch, Shunde City Network and other media were present by invitation.
  • Mar.
    On March 7, the press conference of Shunde’s Third Public Welfare Competition was opened in Shunde Social Innovation Park, integrating public venture capital of all departments for pooling resources to support outstanding projects.
  • Apr.
    On April 13, Chencun Social Innovation Center was revealed, which is the first township social innovation center run by the stationed team of Shunde Social Innovation Center, marking the first step for the construction on the coordinated social innovation system between government and the society in the promotion cooperative mode of district and townships.
  • On April 22, Shunde Social Innovation Library opened to the public officially in Shunfeng Mountain Park, which takes social innovation as the theme, with in excess of 4,000 books in the same free interlibrary loan system of Shunde Library.
  • Jun.
    On June 2, the press conference for the strategic cooperation of China Charity Exhibition Conference and Shunde Social Innovation Center, and the launching ceremony for the certification of the second batch of social enterprises of Shunde were held at the Social Innovation Park. Both sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the exhibition participation, membership service, charity MALL, social enterprises certification and others, and Shunde Social Innovation Center was authorized as a membership service base of China Charity Exhibition Conference, which started the national geographic comprehensive strategic cooperation of China Charity Exhibition Conference.
  • On June 12, Foshan Shunde Environment Protection Association, established with the promotion of Shunde Social Innovation Center, held its first general assembly and founding conference, and employed She Yongliang as the first president.
  • Jul.
    On July 3, the conference for social service exchange optimization and operation and the public activities held at Shunde Social Innovation Park. Shunde Social Innovation Center displayed the optimization and promotion functions for the social service exchange, and confirmed the strategic planning on building the commonweal innovation support system of Shunde.
  • Aug.
    On August 16, Shunde Social Innovation Center appointed Chen Shuyi as the executive deputy director-general, and Su Minfeng and Chen Huawei as deputy director-general respectively, would be in office from August 16, 2016 to August 16, 2017.
  • On August 20, Shunde Social Innovation Center received the title of "China Urbanization Influence Organization" issued by China international Urbanization Development Strategy Research Committee.
  • On August 26, Shunde Social Innovation Center held the certification result release conference for the second batch of social enterprises and the launching ceremony for Shunde Social Enterprises Club. So far, there are 14 certificated social enterprises in Shunde.
  • Sept.
    On September 23 to 25, Shunde Social Innovation Center organized 17 social organizations and enterprises including Guoqiang Public Foundation, China Liansu, Longjiang Charity, Guanxiao Culture, Junxing Social Work and Bid Dipper Social Work to show at the fifth China Charity Exhibition Conference. With the theme of “Source of Charity, the Moral World”, the exhibitors from Shunde set up Shunde Pavilion to show the achievements on the public welfare innovation, community construction, social enterprises and social responsibility to the whole country.
  • Oct.
    On October 21, Longjiang Social Innovation Center, launched by Longjiang Party Committee and Government and operated by the stationed team of Shunde Innovation Center, was established. The team will oversee and guide inside and outside resource of the town to participate in and support the social construction, social service development so as to achieve the effective allocation of resources and utilization, and further improve the soft strength and social development vitality of Longjiang.
  • On October 28, Shunde Social Innovation undertook the operation items of Lunjiao Community Development Innovation Center, and a team of Shunde Social Innovation Center was set to be responsible for its operation and management. With building “A Small Town of Social Innovation” as the vision, Shunde Social Innovation Center was committed to build Lunjiao’s social innovation ecosystem.
  • Nov.
    On November 6, the third “Social Innovation, I Can Do” public welfare hiking activity was launched. In excess of 3, 000 participants in 590 groups were participated in the activity, and more than 1 million Yuan were raised to use in 23 outstanding public welfare projects, covering pension services, the disabled and students assistance, children and family services, community construction, environmental protection public welfare, etc. The public welfare hiking activities become an important way to raise public resources in shunde.
  • On November 27, the first Shunde public conference series of activities in 2016,initiated by Shunde Innovation Center, jointly held by Shunde Charity, the Social Workers Association and the Council of Social Service, which attracted the representatives from government circles, business circles, academic circles and media to share and exchange practical experience and prospect in the field of social innovation, public welfare and charity, and social service. The activities include the first public welfare annual conference with the theme of “New Public Welfare and Charity Economy, the Charity Festival of “Energy Aggregation and Change from Innovation” and the concert of “Dream of Memorial Songs, Being Alive”.