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  • Apr.
    On April 22, Shunde Social Innovation Library was opened officially. The library is located at the first floor of Shune Social Innovation Park, with the theme of social innovation, and provided over 4000 books, realizing to use the same free interlibrary loan system with Shunde Library.
  • may.
    On May 15, the launching ceremony for Shunde community football development plan, with the theme of Leshan Football, Harmonious and Happy Shunde, was held in Daliang Xishan School, which was sponsored by Shunde Football Association and Shunde Social Innovation Center. Shunde Football Association signed a cooperation agreement on the development plan of football with Shunde Social Innovation Center.
  • On May 26, the first session of the board of directors of Chencun Social Innovation Center was established formally, and the member composition of the board of directors, the interim measures of financial management and annual work plan were reviewed and adopted.
  • Jun.
    On June 2, the press conference of the cooperation between China Charity Exhibition and Shunde Social Innovation Center, and the launching ceremony for the Second Social Enterprises Certification was opened at Shunde Social Innovation Park. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement on exhibition, membership service, charity MALL and social enterprise certification, Shunde Social Innovation Center was authorized to be a membership service base of China Charity Exhibition.
  • On June 12, Shunde Environmental Protection Association, incubated and established by Shunde Social Innovation Center, held its first general assembly and inaugural meeting, officially marking the establishment and operation of Shunde Environmental Protection Association, and She Yongliang was employed as the president.
  • Jul.
    On July 3, the release conference on optimization operation of Social Service exchange held at the multi-function hall of Shunde Social Innovation Center, and released the optimization and improvement of social service exchange and the strategic planning on building the welfare innovation support system of Shunde.
  • Aug.
    On August 20, Award Ceremony of 2015 China Urbanization Influence Organizations was held in Beijing, Shunde Social Innovation Center won the title of being one of China urbanization influence organizations in 2015.
  • On August 26, Shunde Social Innovation Center held Shunde Second Social Enterprises Certification Results and the Launching Ceremony for the Establishment of Shunde Social Enterprises Club. So far, Shunde was newly added 11 social enterprises.
  • Sept.
    On September 12, on the Experts Final Meeting of 2016 charity Exhibition Social Enterprises Certification, Foshan Shunde Qineng Public Security Service Co., Ltd, cultivated and incubated by Shunde Social Innovation Center, emerged from in excess of 150 eligible enterprises, obtaining the certification of China’s Good Social Enterprises.
  • From September 23 to 25, Shunde Social Innovation Center organized 17 social organizations and enterprises in Shunde, including Guojiang Welfare Foundation, China Liansu, Longjiang Charity, Guanxiao Culture, Junxing Social Work, Beidouxing Social Work, to show in Shunde pavilion of the Fifth China Charity Exhibition. By virtue of the theme of Source with Goodness and Extensive Virtue, these social organizations and enterprises showed their public welfare innovation, community construction, social enterprises and corporate social responsibility and others.
  • Oct.
    On the morning of October 21, Longjiang government and Shunde Social Innovation organized and held the opening ceremony for Longjiang Social Innovation Center, marking which was formally established.
  • Nov.
    On November 6, the third public welfare hiking activity of “Social Innovation, I Can” was officially launched at 8:45 a.m., in excess of 3000 participators were walking around the old and new city zones of Daliang with the main line of beauty of Fengcheng waters, viewing the townscape of the east area and exploring historical imprint of the old city area.
  • On November 27, Shunde’s First Public Welfare Conference 2016 were held by Shunde Social Innovation Center, Shunde Charity, Shunde Social Service Union, Shunde Social Workers Association jointly, and the series activities attracted the representatives from political circles, business circles, Academic Circles and social organizations to share and exchange their practical experience and prospects in terms of social innovation, public welfare and charity, social service and so on. Shunde public welfare practitioners ushered in the exclusive festival, including Shunde’s First Public Conference with the theme of New public Welfare and charity economy, the Charity Festival of Energy Gathering and Innovation , and the Dream Songs-Living Concert.