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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the decision-making and supervision agency, carrying out it work around relevant policies and regulations, industry standards and target and assignment from Shunde district government, under guidance of Shunde Social Work Committee, and is subject to the supervision of the society from all walks of life. 

The Board of Directors mainly undertakes the following duties: 

(1) To review the development planning, major business plans, annual work plan and annual work report of Shunde Social Innovation Center, and reported that to Shunde Social Work Committee for the record;

(2) To review financial budget of Shunde Social Innovation Center and submitted to Shunde District Finance and Taxation Bureau; 

(3) In accordance with the nomination of director, discuss and adopt recommended director-general candidate;  

(4) To review and decide the internal institutions setup, staffing planning, salary allocation plan etc, and deputies of management, the principal and deputies of the supervision of the auditing department;

(5) To review and approve performance appraisal, incentive and constraint system, internal management and other basic management systems, as well as other major issues;

(6) According to the changing situation and business needs, provide suggestions for function change and organization adjustment proposed in the name of Shunde Social Innovation Center;

(7) Carry out supervision on management for implementing resolutions of the Board of Directors

(8) Review and decide other items need to be decided by the Board of Directors;

Nominees of Director,deputy directors and other members collected from government departments,enterprises and institutions, people's organizations, social organizations by collected by Shunde Statutory Bodies Affairs Committee, after being discussed and adopted by Shunde Statutory Bodies Affairs Committee, which would be employed by Shunde District Government and be announced to the public.

Committees under the Board of Directors

For strengthening the communication between the Board of Directors and the executive management and further standardizing the management of Shunde Social Innovation Center, under the Board of Directors, Financial Management and Personnel Compensation Committee, Community Development Committee, Public Welfare Innovation and Business Cooperation Committee, Audit and Supervision Committee in accordance with Management Regulations on Statutory Bodies of Shunde District, Foshan City and Management Regulations on Shunde Social Innovation Center of Foshan City. At present, according to the relevant provisions, responsibilities of every committee and their members are drafted as follows:

Financial Management and Personnel CompensationCommittee

Ye Chujun(Director)

Wu Li(Deputy Director)

Qi Zhenbiao

Li Yungguan

Luo Jianying

Community Development Committee

Huang Shicong (Director)

Ye Chujun(Deputy Director)

Sun Xuewei

Zhang Yanfen

Zhou Rongqiang

Wang Yueyun

Zhong Dehui

Huang Haitang

Public Welfare Innovation and Business CooperationCommittee

She Yongliang(Director)

Chen Bingyi (Deputy Director)

Wang Yueyun(Deputy Director)

Ye Shaobo

Li Yungguan

Li Guoyao

Zhang Yanfen

Luo Jianying

He Xiapei

Zhong Dehui

Huang Haitang

Audit and Supervision Committee

Wu Li(Director)

He Xiapei(Deputy Director)

Ye Shaobo

Sun Xuewei

Chen Bingyi