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SHUNDE SOCIAL INNOVATION CENTER (SSIC) came into existence on June 26th,2012. It is the first statutory body in charge of social innovation across the nation. Philanthropy innovation , social enterprise incubation, CSR advocacy and community development support are the four primary domains SSIC focuses on. In pursuit of establishing a think-thank, pivot and comprehensive and professional platform for the cause of Shunde social innovation, we have been keenly abided by the methodology of ”cross-border cooperation and integration” in the process of on-going innovation in concepts, theory, mechanism, models, platforms and channels for society improvement. Along relentlessly with the joint forces of the government, social, businesses and citizens, we will strive for a society of high happiness and harmony.


Assist the government to innovate mechanism to improve efficiency in public management and services.

Boost social innovation, social work and philanthropy innovation.

Assist enterprises to innovate business and participate in social innovation and social investment.

Offer a platform for innovation to develop creativity, implement plans and realize dreams.


To be a key catalyst for the revitalization of society and economy of Shunde;

To be a flagship social innovation institute in China; 

To be an influential social economy nurture center world-wide.


● Promote Philanthropy Innovation (Establish Social Service Exchange  to provide a platform for philanthropy innovation)

Social Service Exchange (SSE) was established on July 24th, 2014 in Shunde. Matching with Shunde Social Network, they are respectively the online and offline comprehensive platform for multilateral resources linking among NGOs(projects), funds(personnel, finance, material, premises) and citizen(volunteer, participant), as well as a platform offering supporting service such as public space, capacity building, project management and follow-up, ect. As the resources integrating platform, Social Service Exchange is a core project for SSIC in the practice of philanthropy innovation.

SSE was upgraded in 2016 on product standardization, improvement on content and trading chain and carried out docking and professional service. SSE builds a supporting system for philanthropy innovation by setting out resources docking and professional support as the two core businesses, Social Service Network and Social Innovation Fund as the two supporting channels, bidding and social investing as the expanding platforms.

 Shunde Social Network: http://www.sdsocialservice.com

● Incubate Social Enterprises

Social Enterprise (SE) is a type of enterprise that applies commercial means to solve social problems and prioritize the resolution of social problems as its primary target. Being a novel way to solve social problems, SEs are world-widely embraced and growing robustly.

In 2012, we introduced the concept of social enterprise to Shunde and began to promote local practices in the area. Henceforth, SSIC have incubated and nurtured several para-social enterprises in exploring new way to solve social problems. In 2014, we released the first domestic social enterprise standard, Shunde Social Enterprise Cultivation and Incubation Initiative. In 2015, we began the work of social enterprise endorsement while recognizing that the atmosphere of social enterprise began to take shape.

By October 2016, Shunde has already had 3 AA level certified social enterprises, 11 A level certified social enterprises and 5 para-social enterprises.

We will continually improve the social enterprise support system snd provide funds, information, capability, building, marketing, ethical consumption and other support.

● Encourage Enterprises to Fulfill CSR

Private enterprises are thriving on the 806 square kilometers Shunde covers, among which there are 130,000 plus business legal persons and 30,000 plus enterprises. Entrepreneurs here are keen philanthropists. As the economy is reaching a turning point and looking for upgrade, the public are having higher hopes for them to shoulder more responsibilities. We encourage enterprises to complete upgrading through bettering their CSR project and get engaged in social innovation and social investment. A sustainable social innovation cause will only be possible with the joint effort of enterprises.

Back in 2014, we launched Caring Company Shunde Initiative to encourage enterprises to fulfill CRS and bring about beneficial interaction between economic returns and CRS. Over 10 enterprises have forged partnership with SSIC to innovate their CSR project.

We introduced the TOP 10/100/1000 CSR Enterprises Initiative which is aimed to establish local CSR standards and an eco-system to encourage enterprises to undertake social project and social investments such as caring for employees, community development and environment preservation, Hopefully, the initiative will make involved enterprises one of the mainstays for Shunde social innovation.

It is also in 2015 that we co-founded the Social Entrepreneur League along with start-ups, entrepreneurs and activists that are enthusiastic to do good for social. A wide and effective dialogue and collaboration framework encompassing partners from multi-section has been erected henceforth.

● Promote Community Development

There are 108 rural and 97 urban communities in Shunde. In recent years, many problems and demand gap begin to surface due to rapid social and economic transformation and increasing mobility of individuals.

In view of this, we began to promote community development from late 2013 centered on nurturing community organizations, improving community environment, bettering community services, preserving community culture and developing community economy, the goal thereof is to promote public participation and multi-partise collaboration, resolve community problems, reconstruct community economy and enhance community prosperity and harmony. Up till now there are  communities joining in the endeavor and and over 5 million yuan had been invested in this area by the Shunde District government till the end of 2015.

In 2014, we founded two organizations, Shunde Community Development Support Center (SCDSC) and Shunde Property Owners’ Representative Association (SPORA), which offers technique, intelligence and financial supports to rural and urban communities respectively. By doing so, we are able to build a community development network to facilitate and collaborate with a large number of community leaders and organizations.

Furthermore, we brought forward Harmony Community Initiative along with Chencun Town-town-level government in early 2015 in an attempt to build a model project to encourage more town-level government and citizens to take part in community building. We are also drafting an Overall Plan for Shunde Community Development to advocate for the cause in an even wider range.

● Miscellaneous

(1) Social research. Aiming at resolving social problems and meet social demands in Shunde , we conduct a wide range of researches regarding the latest trends, models and cases in social innovation locally and globally, summarize and generalize practices worth learning, tender government research programs related to society improvement and provide consultation for public policy- making.

(2) Social innovation public awareness. We have started the magazine SOCIAL INNOVATION (quarterly) to promote communication, knowledge and experience exchange for local practitioner in social good and social innovation. We also hold various seminars,salons and forums and cooperate along with local media to raise the public awareness of social innovation.

(3) Social talents cultivation. By establishing a communication and collaboration platform called Social Talents Cultivation Initiative, we want to improve the capability, leadership and creativity of social talents, boost cross-border cooperation through practical project and broaden the channels for social talents to take part in social innovation.

(4) Foreign communication and collaboration. We have built wide partnership with influential organizations including British Council (BC), China Social Enterprise and Social Investment Forum (CSESIF), Asian Environmental Innovation Forum (AEIF) and Alliance of China Grassroots Social Innovation. We have also started to collaborate with China Poverty Alleviation Foundation, Guangdong Qianhe Community Foundation, Amity Foundation, School of Philanthropy, Sun Yat-sen University, and CSR Global Network in ongoing projects. Numerous experts in social enterprises,community development, and philanthropy innovation have been invited by SSIC to communicate with local government, NPOs and entrepreneurs to enhance bonds and collaborations.