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Shunde Social Innovation Center(hereinafter referred to Social Innovation Center) was established on June 26, which is a statutory body dedicated to social innovation functions. With innovative ideas and methods, Social Innovation Center promotes the overall development and system improvement of the public welfare and social (community)work by research and initiative, resources(capital) docking, organizations hatch, talents cultivation, project development. Making efforts to become a new think-tank and support platform for the social innovation of Shunde, regional innovation ecosystem and value builder, Social Innovation Center strives for building Happiness Shunde and harmonious society together with government, society, enterprises and citizens.  



Explore innovation model, build a better society.



Shunde social innovation think tank and support platform.

Regional social innovation ecosystem and value builder



Make Shunde be built into one of the best social innovation cities in China.

Main Responsibilities

(1) Integrate government, society, market and other resources to promote the social work in various ways.

(2) Promote public welfare innovation by incubating social innovation programs and organizations and interconnected social organizations and professional services organizations.

(3) Introduce and promote the concept of social enterprises and provide all-round support for information, personnel and capacity building to drive the development of social enterprises.

(4) Encourage and support Shunde enterprises to carry out social investment and social innovation, and guide the enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility conscientiously.

(5) Continue to carry out research on social issues. Carry out community innovation practices and assist to solve community problems to promote community harmony.

(6) Give advice and policy suggestions on Shunde’s social construction and management innovation.


Under the strong supports of Office of Shunde Legislative Affairs Work Committee, Shunde Social Work Committee, Shunde Civil Affairs, Human resources and Social Security Bureau 

Incubated and supported 575 charity innovation projects.

Cultivated more than 20 social enterprises and 5 Pivotal organizations.

Launched 16 enterprise social responsibility projects.

Promoted 24 community building pilot projects. 

Conducted 150 training meetings with over 7500 participators

Trained 100 professional talents

26 research and policy initiatives

Driven social capital input over 100 million Yuan

More than 100 cooperative partners


Build a social innovation ecosystem of cross-border cooperation

 Shunde Social Innovation Center

Builder for a good society